Why We Love Hardwood Floors and So Should You

January 30, 2016 - 8:23am
Historical building in Guthrie, OK

We are currently working on a project that reminded us of why we love hardwood floors.  It is a sand and refinish job in a historical building in Guthrie, OK.  We also added a new 3"-5" x 3/4" walnut floor.  The original floor, 3 1/4" x 3/4" fir, was still beautiful but needed some work to bring the beauty back.  We had to replace some boards and match them to existing wood, sand it down, stain and put on a finishing coat.  The results make us realize once again the beauty and durability of hardwood floors.

Here is a picture of the original fir floor with some pieces already patched in.  You can see the top right is new wood.  We had to use pine since fir is so difficult to obtain.  Once the floor is sanded it will take a series of staining processes to blend in the new pine with the old wood. 

This is one of our technicians buffing the floor.  He is getting it ready for staining.  This is done after sanding with a drum sander.

You can see the buffer above has a hose attached.  Below the picture shows the vacuum at the other end of the hose.  This helps to reduce the dust in the buffing step.


The next step is to stain the floor.  Below another technician is applying the stain by hand.  This may look like an easy step, but requires experience to know how each type of wood absorbs the stain.  


The picture below shows the walnut we added in another room.  It has been sanded and is ready for the staining process.

The finished project pictures will be posted later.  Projects like this are always enjoyable when we can preserve the old and blend in new floors.  The fir and walnut floors complemented each other well.  This is a good example of repairing old floor and new installation. 

Here are a few more in progress pictures: