Why Hardwood? And Why Wood Flooring in OKC is a Good Idea

August 19, 2015 - 10:34am
Hardwood Floors | Temple Johnson Floors

I have wood floors throughout my own home.  Yes, I know I have a hardwood flooring business, but let me tell you why I love hardwood floors.  First are the warmth and beauty the natural wood grains add to every area of the house, leaving a richly textured foundation which stands on its own, or can go hand in hand with your favorite area rugs.
Carpet, at some point, will always need replacing, but hardwood flooring adds permanent value to your home due to its durability and style. The biggest advantage it has specifically over carpeting and laminate flooring is longevityIt can be rejuvenated through refinishing when it starts to look worn or scratched.

A second often overlooked advantage of hardwood floors, are the health benefits. My allergy doctor once told me Oklahoma is the smorgasbord of allergies. And wood flooring in OKC has definite health benefits.

“The winds come sweeping…” brings pollen, dust and dust mites, which are allergy and asthma triggers.  These can hide in carpeting.  Even after vacuuming, these allergens can remain embedded in the carpet fibers or even be pushed underneath the carpet.   But it is easy to see dust and pollen on the surface of your hardwood floors. You can easily sweep it up with a broom or a damp mop specifically suited for cleaning. We suggest and sell Bona.
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