What Texture Is Right For Your Harwood Floor?

April 23, 2019 - 10:18am

The texture of a hardwood floor can add and element of contrast to your room.  It can accentuate the elegance, add character in its unique grain or warmth in the distressed look.  There are a variety of hardwood flooring textures available, we are featuring four in this post:  Smooth, hand scraped, wire brushed and distressed.


This texture is available in both solid and engineered hardwood flooring.  The planks are sanded to a silky flat texture that will highlight the grain of the wood.  This can create an elegant room when stained with a darker finish.  It can also highlight a unique grain of the wood.  This is a timeless texture that is still the most popular in hardwood flooring. 


Hand scraped

Hand scraped texture can be subtle to extreme depending on the method used and the desired result.  Pictured below is a moderate hand scraped engineered hardwood floor Coventry from Anderson.  As you can see it has several indentations in a wave pattern created by wood scrapers.  Hand scraped hardwood brings a more casual look to a room, creating warmth, comfort and a lived-in ambiance.  The more texture a floor has, the more it will hide scratches and dents.  This can be ideal for active families with pets and children, 


Wire Brushed 

Wire brushing opens the grain by removing the soft springwood, leaving the harder summerwood with some slightly sunken knots. Before sanding, wire brushing gives the flooring rich texture that accentuates the grain and gives the floor a distinct look. After hand sanding planks are left relatively smooth but with intriguing textures.  The Bella Cera floor below is a beautiful example.


When a hardwood floor is distressed there are many different techniques used to age the floor.  The distress marks can include dents, saw marks, burns or blackened edges.  The goal is to make the hardwood floor look lived in and beaten up.  This flooring is perfect for heavy traffic households.  The distressing can help camouflage any actual dents and scratches.  

As you can see texture can add a wide variety of new appearance options.  You can add sophisticated depth or capture the essence of reclaimed wood.  With addition of even mild texture like wire brushing, you can mask the effects of daily traffic, pets and life in general.