What To Do When Water Damage Occurs

January 22, 2018 - 10:46am

Water damage on beautiful hardwood floors can be one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Imagine coming home after a wonderful weekend get-away only to find that your dishwasher has leaked water all over the hardwoods in your kitchen. Or sometimes the water slowly sneaks in when you least expect it, like in the entryway of your home.  Whether it’s a small amount or a lot, water on hardwood floors is a bad mix. But don’t worry – it can be repaired.  Here are step you can take to minimize the damage.

  • First off, it’s important to identify the source of the water damage and fix it completely. It would be pointless to repair the wood if you don’t seal the leak or fix the pipes from where the water is coming.  If the damage is extensive, contact your insurance company. 
  • To reduce the damage done by water to wood floors you need to gently but quickly ventilate and dry materials.  Open windows and doors to dry out the floor. If this is not practical because the outdoor air is saturated, too, turn on the heat or air conditioner to dry the indoor air. Use fans to draw moist air out of the room or direct dry air into the room from outside.
  • Pull away baseboard around the perimeter of the room and stack it flat to dry elsewhere. If possible, remove a few boards to provide additional ventilation for floors that have sustained prolonged flooding.

  • Wait until the wood has dried completely.  It is possible that the warping will shrink back to size when the wood dries.  If the damage is minor, the floor can sometimes be saved by replacing affected boards and then sanding and refinishing the whole floor. If the damage is severe or extensive causing significant expansion, the entire floor may need replacing — and sometimes even the subfloor will have to be replaced.

It’s important to hire an expert to repair any kind of damage, no matter how minor you think it is. There is always some kind of blending process that needs to be done so that the damaged area winds up looking the same as the original floor.  Contact us for questions or an estimate.