Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Scatches

February 27, 2017 - 10:33am

Once you invest in hardwood floors for your home or office, you want to protect them to make sure they always look their best. There are many products and trends that claim to protect your floors, but not all are safe for your floor or your family. When in doubt, ask a hardwood flooring expert.

The most important things you can do is prevent dirt and dust from entering your home in the first place. Clean the perimeter of your home, sweeping away leaves and debris as well as dirt and salt that could be brought in. Pay close attention to the entry ways of your home making sure you sweep these areas more frequently.

Use rugs, runners, and mats in high traffic areas such as entryways. Avoid rubber backed mats since these lock in moisture and will damage your floors. Having an indoor and an outdoor mat are helpful, especially keeping rain, snow, and salt off your floors where they can do some lasting damage.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door.  As you have seen, most of the damage done to your hardwood floors comes from dust and dirt, so leave your outside shoes at the door and slip into some comfortable inside shoes once inside. Not only will this help minimize the dirt and dust you bring into the home, studies show that e Coli and other harmful bacteria also lives on the bottom of our shoes. Leaving your shoes at the door will keep the whole family healthier.  Along with taking your shoes off when you arrive, you should also wait to put on your shoes right before you leave. This means waiting until you get to the door to put on your high heels or your cleats - both of which can leave your hardwood floors with dings and knicks.

Your furniture could also damage your floors if you are not prepared. Fabric pads and glides will help prevent your furniture from damaging your wood floors. Thick felt pads are best for hardwood floors. Rubber pads are also ok, but be careful of potential scuff marks. Chairs with rollers are a big mistake for hardwood floors. Avoid them or use a mat underneath to protect your floor investment.

Keep your pet’s claws trimmed. When it comes to hardwood floors and dogs, those claws can scratch your floors if they are not maintained. It is safest to have a veterinarian trim those nails unless you and your dog already have a routine.

Again, because your floors are most often scratched by outside dust and dirt in the home, it is a good idea to follow a cleaning schedule. Bona recommends this cleaning schedule:

Daily - Sweep

Weekly - Vacuum/Mop

Monthly - Polish

Annually - Deep Clean

Have questions? Let us know. We are here to help you.