Seven Stunning Examples of Beautiful Hardwood Floors

October 23, 2015 - 6:55pm
Bela Cera - Hammerssmith-Hickory -8"

Dark Stained WoodHere are seven stunning floors that show the trends of wood flooring today.  Wood floor preferences are very individual, they change coast to coast, city to city and even neighborhood to neighborhood.  Many choices are made based on budget and how long they will remain in their home. We are seeing some color choices, styles, wood species and finishes becoming more previlant. Below are just a few examples.

Darker Stained Woods

Darker woods such as this oak floor from Anderson is an example of an ongoing trend.  The floors today are all about color, the deeper the better.  We have found this to be true in contemporary and traditional homes alike. They are a perfect way to highlight neutral walls. Stains are available from mahogany to ebony.

American Hardwoods

Hardwoods that are grown in America are always a popular choice.  They tend to be more affordable and play a part in supporting local companies. The choices of oak, hickory and maple tend to hold up well in high traffic.  This picture is another Anderson floor in 5" engineered maple.   

Grey Floors

GraAmerican Hardwoody has become the new neutral on the west coast. Our trends usually come from the west coast, to Texas and up to Oklahoma.  Gray tones popularity in wall color, carpet, tile and even the stainless steel appliances has been gaining in recent years.  It only makes sense that hardwood flooring would offer options.  The first gray floors offered were prefinished engineered floors.  This is Anderson-Vintage-Costal Walk.  Solid woods are also available using a combination of ebony and white stains to give the best hue for your home. 





Grey Floors

Wider Planks

Wider Planks

This is a Bella Cera Hickory floor in an 8" plank.  This creates a much wider plank than the standard 2 ¼” strip.  These wider planks can visually open up small spaces and create a big impact.  They are great options for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.


Rustic Look

Rustic Look

Many customers are looking for a rustic look of reclaimed wood or barn wood but want a new floor.  This  Hallmark-Alta-Vista-Walnut 6 3/8”  hardwood fills both needs.  The finish is a NuOil which is numerous coats of an oil finish in the factory.  It not only gives a more authentic wood floor look, it increases the wear-ability of the wood.  

Hand Scraped Wood

There is a clear trend toward a more rustic wood floor.  Distressed wood is a popular trend in the south and west.  Hand scraping is one way floors are intentionally distressed to provide an aged look.  This actually involves using a tool to scrape the wood by hand to reach the desired effect.  This picture is a small bathroom using 3”, 5” 7” random red oak beveled wood. It was hand scraped and stained a rosewood.  It really shows off the claw foot tub.

Low-Gloss/Matte Finish

Low Gloss/Matte FinishWhile high-gloss wood finishes are still in demand, there is a shift toward more low-gloss floor.  This is a Bella Cera-Estate-Maple floor.  There are several benefits with the new low-gloss and matte finishes.  They tend to show dust, scratches and small dents less than the high-gloss floors.  This is great for families with small children and pet owners.  Another big appeal is the natural look that brings out the wood grain.