Real Wood Real Life

July 23, 2019 - 8:47pm
winfield hickory antique flooring

Home is where real life happens. From the day you move in until you hand over the keys, you need a real surface that can handle your family’s big and small moments. Learn why wood is the only flooring that can truly last for the life of your home.

Choosing the right species of wood flooring is a matter of your lifestyle, budget, and personal preference. More than 50 domestic and imported species of wood flooring are available to achieve a unique look.  Each species of hardwood has a different level of hardness. Some like walnut, cherry, and birch are less hard in comparison to other common domestic species like maple, hickory, and oak.

Today's wood floors are designed to withstand the traffic of busy families, including the pets they have.  Wood floors are extremely durable and can look beautiful for decades.  If you have pets in your home, placing breathable rugs at the doors will minimize dirt and debris being tracked inside.  Debris is often what causes scratches as it is walked on.  While it may not be the favorite activity for your pet, trimming their nails is another good deterrent.  Scratches can happen in everyday life, but they are usually in the floor finish surface only and easy to repair.

If one of your needs is a floor that is easy to clean, hardwood floors are for you.  Wood floor maintenance is quick and easy.  Routing cleaning involves weekly sweeping with a dust mop or vacuum with bare floor setting to remove dust and dirt.  Clean your wood floors with the appropriate wood floor cleaner monthly.  We sell Bona cleaner in our store.  Be sure to clean spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth.  Do not use wet mops or steam mops, which can damage the finish and the wood over long periods of tie.  


Wood floors are the most environmentally friendly flooring options available.  Trees are a renewable resource that can be regrown time and time again.  The hardwood forests that provide flooring products are growing more than twice as fast as they are being harvested.  Because wood floors can last for many generations, they require fewer raw material.  There is less landfill waste than other flooring options.  Wood also stores carbon during it service life and can be recycled for other uses. 

You will be floored at the value wood adds to your home.  When the time comes to buy a bigger home or downsize, homes with wood floors sell faster for more money than homes without them.  Real estate agents indicate that identical homes with wood floors can sell for up to 10 percent more.  When maintained properly, wood floors can last generations, providing a great long-term value.

Wood floors add natural beauty and timeless style to any décor. Wood floors offer endless design possibilities and make it easy to fit your home’s needs and personal style. The maintenance of wood floors is quick and easy, environmentally responsible and add value to your home.  Come by our store or contact us with help picking out your real wood floor.