Herringbone a New Trend or a Classic Revisited

February 21, 2018 - 10:15am

The herringbone pattern  in hardwood floors emerged as a trend for 2017-2018. While some of the stain colors and wood species are different, the herringbone pattern is hardly a new concept.  There is a rich history of using the herringbone pattern in both Europe and America. A popular variation of the herringbone, called Chevron or French herringbone, is prominent in many prestigious European Chateaus. 

One thing that is new, is the option of prefinished engineered wood.  Several of the brands we carry have created shorter planks for use in a herringbone pattern.   Shorter planks are really the only difference from the usual plank pattern floor.  The beauty of having prefinished or even unfinished engineered hardwood is that it can be installed where solid hardwood is not an option. Solid wood needs to be nailed down to a sub-floor.  So if you are replacing carpet/tile and have a concrete floor, often there is no room for the sub-floor.    

The versatility of herringbone is that it can be installed in several configurations, with or without a border. Here are some of the ways that you can lay the pattern.



If you are interest in this look, you can find many current examples by looking at design trends on the internet, Pintrest, face book or even paper magazines.  Midwest Living Magazine featured the beautiful herringbone hardwood floors below in their August 2017 Luxury Home Tour article.

Here are a couple of floors we have installed.  A walnut herringbone insert in an entry that provided a dramatic welcome.  

This dining room was laid in a herringbone pattern to create some geometric pattern. It is a great offset to the round table and rug.


So you can see there are many options with the herringbone pattern in hardwood flooring.  It is a trend that has staying power and a variety of looks.  If this is an option that interests you, please contact us for ideas.