Hardwood Floor Trends for 2017

December 19, 2016 - 5:45pm

Desigliving room with wood flooringn Trends of 2016 included formal dining rooms, marble accents, and two-tone kitchen cabinets. Dark blue hues dominated walls and accent pieces, and bidets were found in the swankiest bathrooms.  In 2017, we will see a continuation of some of these trends and add a few new ones as well. 

Black, Stainless Steel Appliances are not going anywhere anytime soon. These bold pieces, contrasting with lighter cabinets are still as popular as ever and will be seen in homes for years to come. You will also see marble tables, as they are a great way to make a statement while investing in a lifelong piece of glamorous beauty. Expect to find upholstered bedheads in more homes, as this is becoming less of a trend and more of an expectation.


grey wide plank wood flooring in livingroom

Cork walls are starting to be seen in homes and businesses alike. Not only do they help with reducing noise, but they are fantastic for the person who is always making a to-do list. Write it down - pin it up. Done!


Goodbye, Blue. Hello, Green! 
Green is the color to be in 2017. Green walls, furniture and accent pieces will be seen splashed around the most stylish homes. Along with the many shades of green you will find, you will also find jewel tones. Expect purples and pinks in unexpected places.

Lucite furniture -  lamps, tables, chairs and bars are all the rage. Springing up in Spring of 2016, lucite has only gained more momentum and will continue to be seen throughout 2017.

What about 2017 Hardwood Floor Trends?

Grey tone floors are not slowing down. Homeowners are still opting for this popular choice and pairing it with contrasting furniture options. What you can also expect to see are less predictable and neutral colors. Bold is in. Blonde, which opens up spaces and works fantastic with natural light is a very popular choice. Also popular in 2017 are very dark woods. Floors that are espresso to almost black are favored and will remain so for the coming years.  High-gloss finishes are taking a back-seat to the flat finishes. Satin finishes are a compromise between the two, but even matte finishes are gaining attention.

Wider and longer planks are also slated to be very big in 2017. Another interesting look? Diagonal angled floors. While it seems unlikely you will find this everyhard wood floors in living area where, it is sure to make a statement when you walk in and see rooms with the wood lying at an angle instead of straight on.

What is the biggest floor trend in 2017? If you guessed Texture you are correct. 2017 is the year of texture. Hand scraped floors are very popular. Hand scraping makes each plank appear one of a kind and your floor unique and individual. Wire brushing is another option and can give your floor a distressed, aged look that many people crave for their living space. 

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dark hardwood flooring in living area with rugmodern furnture with hardwood floors