Five Steps to Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring on Concrete

May 24, 2018 - 11:49am
hardwood floor being installed on concrete

We are working on the engineered hardwood flooring side of our remodel.  This provides a great way to show the steps for installing hardwood flooring on concrete.  First up is an unfinished engineered hardwood.  Teckton is one of the unfinished Engineered Hardwood brands that we carry. 

Below are hickory select grade and red oak natural grade.  The beauty of unfinished engineered is the ability to choose your exact finish and color.  While all our engineered manufactures have a large variety to choose from, sometimes we need to match another existing flooring.  

installed engineered hardwood on concreteinstalling engineered hardwood floring on concrete sample

How you install the engineered flooring on the concrete can affect the look and endurance of your floor.  We follow these steps to ensure lasting laying of your new floors.  

1. Remove the baseboard Trim.

Removing the baseboard trim gives room for the wood to be laid underneath the baseboards.  The baseboards may need to be removed and raised as well.  We leave a small half-inch gap between the flooring and wall to make room for the wood to expand.

2.  Remove Anything Standing Between You and the Concrete

All carpet, tile, or prior wood flooring is torn out. Then we scrape off all prior adhesive to ensure the new adhesive or new moisture barrier bonds.  We discovered a moisture problem, so we applied a moisture barrier.  It is an added cost so isn't necessary unless there has been moisture. Last we sweep up any dirt or debris that might be left behind.

3. Inspect the Concrete for Level Surface

There can be high and low areas in the concrete or even a fall off at the edges of the room.  Floor stone can be applied to level out the concrete.  Since the thickness of Engineered Hardwood can vary, we applied floor stone in some areas to bring the hardwood level.  

4. Lay out the Flooring Materials

The design and layout of the entire room(s) must be reviewed prior to starting the lay out.  Plumb lines are applied to the concrete to keep the boards square.  Spraying urethane over the lines will keep them from becoming smudged as you work in the area.  The boxes of Engineered Hardwood come with varied planks, some with width and length variations.  We work from more than one box to make sure the floor achieves a random look and the color is consistent throughout.

unboxing engineered hardwood flooring

5. Apply adhesive and lay flooring.

After you cut and lay the floors to make sure they fit, remove the boards and apply adhesive then place the boards and apply weight as needed. Don’t administer all the adhesive at once. Instead, work in small sections. Let the adhesive dry for 24 hours after you install the flooring.

man installing engineered hardwood flooringengineered hardwood floor drying


The project would be complete after this step if you choose prefinished engineered floors.  Since these samples are unfinished, we still need to sand, stain and apply the finish.  Check back in next month to see the completed project.