Five Choices to Create a Unique Solid Hardwood Floor

July 27, 2017 - 11:23am
Oak Flooring 7" Charcoal stain

Five choices to create the Solid Hardwood floor of your dreams

Solid hardwood floors introduce an undeniable richness and beauty to your home. The legendary durability and easy care of solid hardwood flooring makes it a wise investment. Your solid hardwood floor can easily last for 50 years or more with proper care, giving you a lifetime of beauty and value.  Five important choices can give you the customized floor you envisioned. You can customize your Solid Hardwood floor by selecting the species of wood, width and length of the planks, the pattern laid, texture of the floor and  the color.

Species of wood

There are many choices in domestic hardwoods.  Maple, white oak, and cherry have more uniform colors and grain patterns, with little variation board to board. Species like red oak and hickory are more visually striking with heavier graining and robust color variations. Exotic hardwoods can offer beautiful looks and rich colors, along with high hardness ratings.

Width and Length

You can select from narrow strip (up to 3”), plank (3” - 5”), wide plank (5” and up), as well as parquet squares. Board width can easily change the look of a room. Narrow strips create the illusion of more space in a smaller room. With fewer seams, wider width planks showcase the natural beauty of the wood better. Random width can create visual interest.



The pattern you choose for your wood floor impacts overall aspect of your home.  It can even change the size it is perceived by the people visiting your home.  The pattern choices include Chevron, Herringbone, Parquet, Random width, Picture Frame/Log Cabin and Diagonal patterns.  You can choose to have the pattern cover the entire room or just add as special features.


With texture you can create the impression of a room.  A smooth floor typically conveys a more elegant appearance, while hand-scraped and distressed boards have a more relaxed, time worn appeal. The upside of textured surfaces is it can disguise scratches and foot traffic patterns that occur over the years.



While color choices can be overwhelming, we can help you achieve the look you want.  Light colors can make a room look bigger while dark floors make a dramatic statement.  Rather than match your cabinets and other woodwork, enhance it with your floor color. The DuraSeal stains and finishes we use offers almost endless possibilities.   There are 31 stain colors to choose from and our technicians are skilled in mixing those stains to match that perfect color you have in mind.  

As you can see there are many choices with Solid Hardwood Floors that allow you to create that one of a kind floor you have been looking for.  We have floors in our store that can give you more ideas or you can check our products page.  Please contact us with any questions you might have.