The Family-Owned Difference: Personal Service and Expertise

February 18, 2020 - 12:54pm

This is the era of the big retailer. Big box stores have moved into even many small communities, causing the well-known “Walmart Effect” which drives smaller stores out of business. The convenience of higher buying power, central locations, and a wide variety of merchandise, makes big boxes the main choice for many consumers.

But not every small retailer goes under. Even in the era of the big box, some stores and installers are thriving. What makes the difference?

Personal Service from a Family-Owned Business

Small retailers actually have a distinct advantage in a couple of ways. One of the biggest is personal service and expertise.

Older businesses that haven’t been driven out of business by big boxes have an advantage that Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot can’t bring to the table — they know their customers intimately. They are often embedded in the fabric of the community they live in. That’s what sets Temple Johnson apart.

We’ve been in business since 1927 and, consequently, we’ve built deep roots in the community. That means we know people and their preferences, we know what sells and what works in this area of the country, and we’re willing to take the time to get to know you better than a big box store.

Your local name-brand big box hardware store may have installers, but the people in that job turn over frequently—talk to someone one year and they may be gone by the next. That’s not the case here. We’ve been a family owned business for almost a hundred years, so you know the people you’re getting now are probably the same people you’re going to be talking to the next time you get your floors done — even if it’s years from now. Our personal service will be here now, tomorrow, and in the future.

Time-Tested Expertise

Many hardwood flooring installers haven’t been at it for all that long. That means you can run into issues with your install—with moisture, understanding of the product, or figuring out what works the best for your house and your needs. Larger national chains can suffer from a “jack of all trades, master of none” problem. They want to be all things to all men, but that can mean they’re not as expert as they should be about some of the specifics.

Here at Temple Johnson, we’ve been installing wood flooring and wood flooring only for the entire time we’ve been in business. We know what it takes to install a proper hardwood floor in Oklahoma. There are plenty of flooring stores in OKC, but we bring a difference in craftsmanship few can match.

In the flooring industry, craftsmanship is often overlooked because people don’t know enough about what they’re doing. It takes constantly being on top of the latest improvements in hardwood floor installation, as well as knowing what’s come before. Installation may be more automated than it was in years past, but there’s always a place for fine craftsmen who know their trade well.

Wood texture and the finish matter as well. Advances in vapor barriers and adhesives make it easier to adhere floors to the underlying materials and keep moisture out. Creating a proper finished surface takes an understanding of the material, the methods and the finishes, and, because wood flooring is the only thing we do, we have that understanding.

Some people decide they want to install their wood flooring themselves. It’s definitely possible to do if you’re armed with a few YouTube tutorials and some tools. But if you ask many of the people who’ve tried to DIY their own floors, it’s a harder road than they might have planned for. Many people run into issues when they decide it’s time to try for themselves. Sanding and finishing wood flooring is a lot harder than it looks. Divots and dips caused by the sander can sometimes show up after the floor is finished even if it seems like the work is going well in the moment. It takes a patient person with a steady hand to get a finish right, and if you’re not careful the stain can come out streaky instead of clean.

The Crew Difference

Our crew has a combined 150 years of experience with a huge variety of ages. Each of our crew leaders has apprenticed under other people who know their trade well until they are ready and capable of running their own crew.

There’s an attention to detail and commitment to the craft of hardwood flooring from every one of our crew members. Our workers know the craft, and they’re the ones who make our personal service truly special.

It may take longer than some other outlets you could go with, but it takes time to produce quality. We hire people who do the job right and have proven it over many years in the field.

Temple Johnson’s strives to be the premier hardwood flooring store in the metro—we know what it takes to do the install right.

Big Box vs. Family Owned

People have the misconception that big box stores will almost always have a better price than local family-owned businesses. But price is not the only thing you should use to make your choice. It is only one of the factors that goes into choosing what company you should use. We stake our claim on quality hardwood flooring, not just selling you material to do it yourself. We’re craftsmen, not just retailers. Our installation technicians and sales people know their business.

Our personal service sets us apart from all the other flooring stores in OKC—that’s the Temple Johnson difference. Our capable installation crews, knowledgeable sales staff and legacy of quality mean that we can offer the best to anyone who wants a wood floor in their home.When you want a wood floor, choose Temple Johnson. Call us today at 405/842-0112 and find out what we can do for your home. We’ll make sure you get the quality installation your home deserves.