Are you dreaming of a new wood floor for Christmas?

December 20, 2015 - 10:22am

As we spend more time in our homes this time a year, we see thing that need updated or improved.  It can be fun to embrace the latest design trend, but expensive when it comes to major fixes like flooring.  What are your needs this year, new wood floors, refinish your existing wood floors or replace your wood floors?


New wood floors

Wide Plank FloorWe have been steady at work with new floor installations.  Some of our trends we have observed have been engineered floors, European wood, and wide plank floors.  There are some examples of these floors in a previous blog. You can also see wide plank floors in this picture.

There are articles coming out about the latest design trends for 2016.  Two ideas that I keep seeing in design articles are sustainability and geometric shapes.  Sustainability is defined as “the ability to maintain or support an activity or process over the long term."  In a wood floor it can mean resistance to moisture, dents or scratches or it can mean longevity. The average life of an engineered floor is 30 to 50 years and with solid wood, you can sand and refinish your wood floor multiple times so it can last 100 years.  Wood floor sustainability depends on type, species, finish and manufacturing process. Most wood flooring can stand up to pets, children and a certain amount of abuse, but depending on type of application, there are differences between products. 

The geometric shape that has been coming up in wood floors is the herringbone pattern.  I know you may be thinking of the outdated homes with tiny pieces that pop out. The new herringbone look can be in a variety of sizes that completely change the appearance of a floor.  We are in the process of installing a red oak herringbone floor shown in the picture below.  It is 2 1/4"w x 18"l and has both a 2 1/4" walnut and 4" red oak border.  I will update with a finished picture later.

Replace or Refinish?

How do you even know if your floor needs replaced or refinished? That is where the Temple Johnson red oak herringbone floorexpertise comes in.  We can help you decide by looking at your floors, or even just asking a few questions.  What is your budget?  Sometime looking at your budget is the deciding factor on your decision.  What is your goal?  Do you want a total new look or just improve the look of your floor?  There are many options in color and application that change the appearance of your floor when you refinish your existing wood floor.  Another question during this time of year is what is your timeline?   Refinishing your existing hardwood floors may take up to four or five days—without being touched by people or pets—whereas replacing your floors can a faster process if you choose prefinished wood.

The thing that I have enjoyed most with my wood floors is the warmth it adds to my home.  I know there are some people who complain that the floor is cold if it is not covered in carpet, but I disagree.  There is a richness and natural feel to wood that is not cold to me. I have updated it through the years with a change in the stain color or just a wax an clean job.  The good thing about the investment in a wood floor is you can also change the look by just adding different rugs to the area. 

Wood Floor adds warmth to home atmosphere