2018 Hardwood Floor Trends - On-site finish

December 27, 2017 - 9:36am

We have seen a rise in on site finished hardwood floors rather than prefinished floors.  The biggest advantage of site finished wood is the customization.  You have the ability to test and mix stains on you wood and look at them in your own home and lighting.  You can also choose your desired finish and texture.

Site finish has always been available on solid hardwood floors but many homes need to use engineered floors due to concrete sub-floors or remodel issues.  We now carry Teckton an unfinished engineered line.  Teckton unfinished engineered hardwood floors come in antique heart pine, hickory, walnut, red oak and white oak.  They come in Natural and Prime grade, 5/8" and 1/2" thickness and are pre-sanded with 100 grit paper.  Below are pictures of the species available in some of the variety of grades.  

White Oak Prime Grade

Red Oak Natural Plus Grade

Walnut Prime Grade

Walnut Prime Grade

Antique Pine Vertical Sawn Natural Grade

These floors can be stained with any number of individual or combination stains to create the exact shade you need.  The finish that you decide on, such as satin or matte can also enhance the color of the floor. The Teckton thickness also allows you to have a hand scraped texture that we created on this floor.

Stop by our store to see the many products that we carry, we can help you decide what you need in your home.