About Temple Johnson Hardwood Floors

Serving You Since 1927 | Temple Johnson Floors

Owner Bryan Jones runs Temple Johnson with a keen awareness of the legacy that built his business, the oldest flooring company in Oklahoma. That means he still treats clients like family and continues the outstanding craftsmanship instituted by Temple Johnson when he first began installing hardwood floors in 1927.
In the following decades, Temple Johnson expanded its services to a loyal clientele, who keep recommending their quality workmanship. Today Temple Johnson proudly offers not only a wide range of practical wood floorings, but also intricate wood floor designs that will transform your room into a work of art.
Mr. Jones enjoys working with general contractors, designers, homebuilders and homeowners to bring the beauty and artistry of hardwood floors to life. His trained technicians have over 30 years of experience in both installation and restoring hardwood floors.
Plenty of things have changed in the last eighty-seven years. One thing that will never change is being able to count on Temple Johnson Floor Company for the best workmanship and service offered anywhere in the state.